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This is the official website for Cobilar DOO Beograd - a multi-trade company with many trade functions. With huge experience in business trade, we help your business to grow and expand, and we help industries to innovate and grow. We have been supplying our products to major projects and offer the most competitive prices in the market with no compromise on the quality of our products. Our team of talented professionals with their expertise in the field of international trading is responsible for providing timely service to the varied requirements of our esteemed clients.

Business Activities

Electronic equipment

The electronic equipment market is extremely dynamic, and new or first generations of technologies designed by, for example, Apple and Google, are introduced almost every day. As a result, there is a certain category of users willing to have the innovative flagship products on the day they become publicly available. The price for such products is way too high for an average customer. So, many start looking for hi-tech equipment with lower prices. This is when Cobilar can assist as our rates are affordable and reasonable. Moreover, we can respond to any customer’s request and offer a wide range of accessories as well as both top-notch and standard equipment. Regardless of the order, Cobilar deals with it responsibly and diligently. All that is required from customers is to provide us with requirements, and we will do the rest giving them options to choose from.

Industrial equipment

Our Company offer supply of industrial, electrical equipment, machines and spare parts for production.
At present, our operation has expanded to over 84 countries worldwide, creating strong bonds with clients in a range of industries including automotive, hardware, heavy-duty, mining, shipbuilding, and a number of other manufacturing-related fields. With offices and warehouses in North America, Asia, and Europe collaborating with a well-established distribution network worldwide, our inventory and support are readily accessible, enabling us to continually provide on-time delivery service and after-sales services.

The production equipment of our company is able to solve many tasks: modernization of equipment and machines for continuous production process; business expansion; production costs reduction and expand assortment itself in different areas:

  • Energy Mineral
  • Engineering
  • Construction Machinery
  • Food Beverage
  • General Industrial
  • Home Product
    Making Machinery
  • Industry Laser
  • Machine Tool
  • Metal Metallurgy
  • Other Machinery
    Industry Equipment
  • Packaging Machine
  • Paper Production
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Plastic Rubber
  • Printing Machine
  • Refrigeration Heat
  • Woodworking
  • Agriculture
  • Apparel Textile
  • Building Material
  • Chemical


We have grown to carry a wide range of hand tools, pneumatic tools, automotive tools, and tool storage, providing over 10,000 unique items. We offer efficient, durable, and cost-effective solutions to professional users worldwide.

Our Company has always aimed to shatter the market misconception that high quality tools is necessarily coupled with unaffordable prices.


Cobilar trades all non-ferrous metals: primary ingots, industrial residues and scraps. We specialize in aluminium, copper and zinc.

The roots of our business are in electronic waste trading. We actively buy and sell zinc dross & skimmings/ashes, zinc and diecast scraps everywhere, and sell Special High Grade ingots in Europe.

We are also building up fast our volumes of aluminium, copper, brass scraps and ingots

Building materials

The trading of building materials is a longtime industry in many countries and therefore the use of those materials is usually segmented into specific specialty trades, like carpentry, insulation, plumbing, and roofing work. they supply the make-up of habitats and structures including homes.

The construction materials industry includes suppliers of the raw materials used by construction firms when building commercial and residential properties. This means that basic materials such as brick, stone, concrete and cement in addition to wood, lumber, wood paneling and mill work products fall into this category. Additionally, distributors also supply roofing, guttering and insulation products.

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